vendredi 18 avril 2014

Nouveauté livre - No more men ! (English version), by Julie Belandorey

No more men !
english version

by Julie Belandorey

Available in Printed format and E-book PDF format

« In love, never again Thou shalt fall! » 
 If she had to choose only one Commandment, that's the one Isabelle, a young dynamic and cheerful thirty-year old woman, would promise herself to respect. She was sure it was the wisest Commandment of all. It's a pity Moses forgot it on Mount Sinai. 

 And to seal this new promise, nothing better than jumping on a plane and fleeing that fickle fiancé, unable to bear all her stifling love! Destination, NY, its mind blowing tumultuous life, and among athletic joggers in Central Park and smartly dressed businessmen in NYSE, it would be the last straw if she broke her promise! She hoped her brother had received her message and was waiting for her at arrivals.. .

But who is this Apollo, holding a sign with her name? Her brother’s neighbor? 
That's all she needed….No, Isabelle, resist! A promise is a promise! 

 But, did any Commandment forbid coveting the neighbor? 

Book translated from the French by Joëlle Etienne.

Julie Belandorey
Julie Belandorey loves to tell stories, create and mould them, visualize and bring them to life for our greatest delight. After her debut novel L’écho des Abysses in 2009, her successful slapstick comedy Dérapage Assuré was played in Paris in the summer of 2010. Here, she returns with her first Chick Lit, skillfully mixing endearingly flawed characters, sharp humor and a flair for springtime romance in New York. A novel every woman can relate to and every man will enjoy for the sneak peek into a woman’s mind. To be read, re-read and passed along to all your girlfriends.
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