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Newsletter Delatour France - Do you know the piano works of Dynam-Victor Fumet?

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Newsletter 2013-06-29

Do you know the piano works of

Dynam-Victor Fumet?

Dynam Victor Fumet - Deux papillons for piano
Dynam Victor Fumet - Joie, scherzo de concert for piano

   «Do you know Dynam-Victor FUMET?  A disciple of Franck, he had inherited
a gift for improvisation which bordered on genius. In my youth I heard
him but once on the organ of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Maison-Blanche,
of which he was the incumbent. I experienced that day once of the most overwhelming emotions of my life. Do you know what it means to be gripped?     Gripped, sucked in as though by maelström, emptied of all personal substance,
but in return shot through by a river of fire which ravished me with its flames. Everyone who has heard FUMET has had similar experiences to mine.
His name has always been present in my memory»​. ​

Bernard Gavoty Musica, 1969

Dynam-Victor Fumet - Piano works volume 1

The works for piano
The characteristics of the piano writing of Dynam-Victor FUMET are varied : the piano is treated as an orchestra, musical thought dictates its logic to the instrument, technically agile play of the higest order is required. Avoiding conformity with languages of the day, his works stands apart by virtue of its harmonic coloring, that, while very French, is not to be found anywhere else.
Traditional forms are renewed or banished in favor of works with poetic titles. There are no sonatas, no fantasias, and no concertos. The rule is broken only by a scherzo, and this symbolic exception translates in its way all freedom in Fumet's music.
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